As Built

Building owners and managers are continually faced with the challenge of managing change in their facilities.  Throughout the life cycle of a facility, adds, moves and changes cause the blueprints or CADD files to become outdated unless they are continually maintained.  Our cutting-edge “As Built” modeling service provides a fully functional, 3D model with a complete set of updated CADD files that accurately represent the building as it is today.



The Hospitality industry is in a constant state of change and growth.  The competition to attract customers is fierce and properties that are not kept current will lose business. Continual changes from regulatory authorities, such as ADA compliance, compel property owners to improve their facilities.  The constant pressure on profit margins requires property owners to explore alternatives that will reduce cost.  One of the latest money saving initiatives is “Go Green” which includes finding more efficient and cost effective lighting solutions.  At 3dsi we believe our job is to support the needs of the hospitality industry by offering value added, cost effective solutions that help property owners stay competitive, manage change and save money.


Property management

Owning or managing commercial property in today’s highly competitive market is a difficult task.  Attracting new tenants and keeping existing tenants is a challenge.  Our Property Manager and Building Owner services will help to present your properties in aHD 3D environment that will impress a prospective tenant.  A prospective tenant can take a HD 3D walk through of the facility in an on line environment.  There is a significant difference between viewing a property online and viewing a property online in HD 3D.

With our “What-If” rendering services, space planning is easy.  Once the HD 3D model of the building is constructed, you can show a prospective tenant an HD rendering of the space they are interested in.  The rendering can include any proposed tenant improvements as well as how their furniture and fixtures will look in the space.


Green Building Management

The National Science and Technology Council in the US estimates that commercial and residential buildings consume 1/3 of the world’s energy. In North America, for example this translates to 72% of the electricity generation, 12% of the water use, and 60% of non-industrial waste.

Consider another fact. If worldwide energy use trends continue, buildings will become the largest consumer of global energy by 2025―more than the transportation and industrial sectors combined. Not to mention that up to 50% of the electricity and water that is used by these buildings may be wasted due to inefficiency.  At 3dsi we support Green Building Management by creating highly accurate 3D models that will assess the impact of most green initiatives.  We have developed various services offerings that will not only assess the impact but our “What-If” renderings will show the building owner the impact to the look and feel of the building with green changes.


ADA Compliance

ADA compliance is an ongoing challenge for building owners and building managers.  ADA regulations affect commercial real estate as well as the hospitality industry.  ADA compliance generally requires a change to the building.  Building modifications are easier to manage and assess with an impact analysis.  At 3dsi, it is our mission to support building owners as they assess the impact of change by creating a highly accurate HD 3D model.  The 3D model will yield a full set of CADD files that will help with the construction process.  Our “What-If” animations will help building owners assess the impact of ADA compliance and visualize how the building will look with the ADA compliance changes.


Homeland Security

3dsi is an integration services company purposed to deliver vertical solutions utilizing photogrammetry technology to survey and capture existing infrastructure. One of the solutions is in support of The Department of Homeland Security’s effort to protect at risk critical infrastructure. The Company has integrated best of breed technology into a robust solution that allows for high speed, accurate and cost effective capture of “As-Built” infrastructure.

The company’s solution is a convergence of 3D, photos and visualization to create to scale 3D models, internal GIS coordinates and high resolution photographs that measure and display situation analysis metrics. The resulting solutions are capable of connecting to most command and control systems.